To develop our business, we are currently looking for enthusiastic high motivated persons to fill the vacant positions in our Available roles and would be placed in the head office of bank BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia).
  1. Preferably graduates of State Universities / Private Universities with a minimum of Accreditation B.
  2. Prioritized at least having a GPA of 2.75 (PTN) and 3.00 (PTS).
  3. Have English language skills.
  4. Have good communication skills.
  5. Able to work in teams.
  6. Having knowledge, logic, understanding, mastery of science, and good abilities in the field of Information Technology work (evidenced by information on projects that have been handled mentioned in the CV)
  7. Having good analytical skills and solutions to problems.
  8. Willing to work overtime and official travel if needed.
  9. Good behavior, discipline, responsibility, integrity, and good professionalism.
  10. Look neat and polite.
  11. Having integrity, professionalism and obeying the rules / rules of work in the BRI environment.
  12. All work is carried out in BRI's environment.
  13. All source code resulting from the development of application systems, data, information and technical documents are BRI's property and are not permitted to store in personal files, distribute to other parties or use them on other projects outside BRI.
  14. It is not permissible to bring BRI devices to private residences or exit BRI without the permission of BRI's superior (SAD / Kabag).
  15. Comply with the rules and regulations at BRI.


  1. D3 / S1 / S2 graduates from PTN and PTS as general requirements with majors related to the Information Technology field of work expected.
  2. Preferably have work experience in the field of IT (technical writer and tester) at least 2 years for D3 graduates and at least 1 year for S1 / S2 graduates.
  3. The maximum age for D3 is 28 years and has not been 29 years old.
  4. Maximum age for S1 is 29 years and has not been 30 years old.
  5. Able to make scenario testing in testing system applications.
  6. Able to do testing of System Integration Test, Regression Tests, Security Tests, and Stress Test
  7. Able to run the query based RDBMS MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server
  8. Understand the framework document writing user manual and standard operational procedure
  9. Make technical documentation which consists of Testing Documents, Screen Capture, User Manual, Standard Operational Procedure.